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  • Architecture/Engineer/Construction Industry: Planners

  • Municipalities

    • Department of Transportation and Public Works

    • Department of Planning 

    • Department of Sustainability

  • Business Improvement Districts


      To launch the Capital District Smart Lighting Guidebook project, your NightSeeing™ tour was a unique and illuminating experience. As a transportation planner, it was the first time I looked at light and its function as part of the urban form and transportation system. I now think about light as a design and safety tool, and plan to use what I’ve learned in future transportation planning initiatives. –– Client

The union of energy saving, responsive technologies, ownership of data and infrastructure is an ongoing debate. Issues of public space equity and social cohesion is in flux. We navigate these challenges with you.
City night innovation starts with street lighting conversion to low-wattage, long-life LED which in turn boosts your city’s contribution to sustainability by reducing energy consumption and helps the economy by saving costs for replacements and maintenance. 
Beyond the basics of energy and cost-saving opportunities to enable streamlined government services, increase community involvement in civic design, and create enhanced nighttime placemaking are activated by our expert – and thoughtful – approach to smart technologies. Leni Schwendinger’s team is galvanized to assist cities to assess and strategize their next move to innovative lighting.

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