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Architecture/Engineer/Construction Industry

  • Architects and Planners

  • Landscape Architects

  • Urban Designers

  • Lighting Designers 


  • Department of Transportation and Public Works

  • Department of Planning 

  • Department of Sustainability

  • Tourist Board  

Business Improvement Districts


      I had the pleasure to participate in Leni's important "wake-up call" on how we want to develop our cities in the future. Leni brought up many important questions and leaves us in new light. Great work, looking forward to more!             –– NightSeeing™ attendee (Times Square)


     Despite the Covid-induced constraints of a Zoom talk, through a virtual 'walk' through the City of London Leni was still able to artfully show the fundamental importance and advantages of night to our sense of place and understanding of our urban surrounds.

                    –– Virtual NightSeeing™ attendee (London)

Nightseeing White.png

Light Projects and NightSeeing™ together comprise a platform for locally engaged, inspiring nights. By identifying the needs and wants of your constituents we drill down to the real needs of nighttime lighting so that community gets on board. 


Districts undergoing improvements often neglect 50% of the 24-hour day. The hours between dusk and dawn can be a concern – for safety, lack of activity (dead zones) or too much activity (bars and late-night noise).  Our job is to work with stakeholders solve these challenges. 


NightSeeing™, Navigate Your Luminous City, is a staged program in one, two or three parts

  • Walking: raise awareness and elevate the vocabulary of light, 

  • Workshopping: build consensus for future nighttime objectives  

  • Strategizing: develop an action plan to implement local night and light projects


Leni takes your audience through an immersive LightWalk experience, decoding the shadows twinkling lights of the city to open minds and hearts to the potential of your urban night.

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