Luminous Legibility: an online presentation and discussion about the trends and innovative methodologies that are rocking the world of public lighting design.

Connecting Communities through Smart and Responsive Lighting: Using the newly released Smart Lighting Guidebook, Leni presents a holistic approach to digital technologies — valuing safety, welcome, walkability, and social capital -- to consider the practical the advantages of connected lighting as a critical tool for around-the-clock placemaking.

LUCI recently commissioned Leni to compile a report about the state of the field of urban lighting in the U.S. The report submitted by Leni is excellent. It showcases her curiosity and her expertise on the topic. It uncovers interesting differences in nighttime lighting values and governance between European cities and those in America. We are looking forward to continuing our collaborations with Leni on this research.

— Mark Burton-Page

Director General, 

Lighting Urban Communities International Association

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