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Photos: Bryan Amann


LOCATION: Dallas, Texas, U.S.

CLIENT: City of Dallas

TEAM: Thomas Balsley Associates, LUCID Glass, Lighting Science Group

 At the heart of downtown Dallas’s revitalization is the Main Street Garden Park–a contemporary public space of lawns, gardens, fountains, dog run, open-air shelters, and other family and visitor-friendly features such as an outdoor café.  Architect-designed, inverted “L” shaped green-glass shade-structures standing along the edge of Main Street are set off by a long triangle of seasonally planted, colorful striated gardens.


For the Park, artist Leni Schwendinger created site-specific interactive artwork. The artwork utilizes the narrow edge of four new study shelters designed by Thomas Balsley. When a passing visitor enters the shelter, the exterior edges of the L-shaped structure glow with vertical bands of luminous color

Connecting the artwork to the garden itself, four seasonal color palettes were derived from the nearby field of striated plantings—rusts and golds for fall, pinks, yellows, and greens for summer, and so on—striving to differentiate each combination of hues.  Winter, spring, summer, and fall are announced through rhythmic sequences of colors and tones.


To achieve this effect, innovative LED technologies and computer electronics were employed along with custom fabricated art-glass panels. The artwork invites participation and calls attention to the often-forgotten periphery of an everyday structure. The art installation transforms a park shelter into a compelling nighttime urban experience.


SpectraScape’s light-play transforms Main Street Garden Park into an urban oasis visible day and night.

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