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Public Spaces + Streets

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Photo: Sam Oberter Photography

Photo: Leni Schwendinger

Queens Plaza Streetscape & Park


New York City, NY


NYC Economic Development Corp


Margie Ruddick, Wallace Roberts &Todd (WRT), Marpillero Pollak Architects, Michael Singer

The Queens Plaza project spans 1.3 miles in the Long Island City Business District. The project revitalizes JFK Park and connects it to the dramatic water’s edge below the Queensboro Bridge.

The installation opened in Spring 2012 and has transformed this primary entry point into Long Island City and Queens into a dynamic and appealing gateway. Results included improved traffic flow and enhanced the pedestrian environment with new sidewalks, curbs, plantings, landscaped traffic medians, bikeways, and enhanced lighting. A former parking lot was transformed into the inviting 1.5-acre Dutch Kills Green park with an array of benches, plantings, and landmark trees that are illuminated.

The public space features non-invasive, drought-tolerant native plantings and artist-designed interlocking, permeable pavers that direct storm-water to the plantings.

Schwendinger’s Light Projects designed the roadway, bikeway, and amenity lighting.

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