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Images: Leni Schwendinger with Arup

Images: Leni Schwendinger with Arup

Double Bay Centre Public Domain Lighting Strategy


Double Bay, Australia


Woollahra Municipal Council


Arup, ASPECT Studios, NightSeeing

Double Bay is an upscale, bay-side village that features a blend of natural landscaping, architecture, and waterfront. At night, the area is defined by its dining and social economy. The Council desired an illumination strategy that attracts visitors by visualizing the community’s tagline Stylish, Intimate, Refreshing.

The Strategy proposes recommendations for the development and delivery of future lighting projects to create a cohesive nighttime experience within the precinct. It provides guidelines for new lighting infrastructure projects and strategies that will enhance visitor experiences and support creativity in the community. The strategic design process began with a NightSeeing™ program. The workshop and a series of site visits identified key understandings of the current night-time conditions and several objectives for future illumination projects. Following this, the design team worked with stakeholders, decision-makers, and consultants within the client team to identify and agree on key objectives. The Lighting Strategy was developed over nine months and included key stakeholder workshops and meetings.

Circulation routes were prioritized according to nighttime usage. Functional and creative overlays were identified. Lighting characteristics were designed, and finally, discrete projects were outlined and priced. Prototypes and selected design projects are being implemented​ over time.

This process was informed by and supports the Double Bay Place Plan 2014. It is consistent with the principles of place-making to maximize Double Bay’s distinctive brand.

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