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Bridging the Gap Between the Sun and Moon, No Special Glasses Needed

The solar eclipse on April 8, 2024 brought the sun and moon’s powerful relationship to the fore. That day their universal relationship dramatically changed.

The moon’s opaque form blocked the Sun’s fiery gases casting a sweeping shadow, not by night, the moon’s perceived temporal home, but by day.

During a solar eclipse, the Earth’s water bodies create spring tides. Watch the video to learn about tidal phenomena caused by the dance of these heavenly bodies.

Sun...and Moon, a Public Art Proposal

Conceptual Design for a Bascule Bridge

E. Clay Shaw Jr. Bridge, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

To recap the dynamic lighting described in the video...

Envision the glow of sunset and sunrise colors suffusing the bridge surfaces.

Imagine shades of blue ebbing and rising on the unique piers synchronized with the moment's tidal states. There are two high and low tides per day: spring and neap. They vary in intensity based on the relative position of the moon & sun. King tides are amplified spring tides. Learn more in the video.

Under the crossing, on land, immersive, illuminated environments would attract visitors, residents and local workers to play in massive color swathes or simply to rest on benches.



  • Connection: For residents of South Florida, the connection to nature, water, wildlife, plants, and sun is ever-present. The proposed Everyone Under the Sun... and Moon installation seeks to amplify this relationship through large-scale visual representation.

  • Site-Specifc: Luminous color displays will be triggered by tidal states and relevant calendars - real-time and site-specific.

  • People: Light Projects’ standard methodology includes not only award-winning, aesthetic, bridge lighting design but also community and stakeholder engagement.


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