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A Lantern, A Lighting Strategy: Illuminate Your Nighttime Masterplan

Lanterns are beloved by many cultures. They float on water and air, they are hand-made or manufactured of silk or paper. Some are pumpkins and others are paper bags. Light sources are flame and electricity. Lanterns cast color and patterned light for celebrations and fetivals. City lanterns may be wrought iron with textured glass.

At Leni Schwendinger Light Projects the lantern form is respected for its versatility and sense of magic. In the her quote, Rebecca Solnit refers to the mythological light of wisdom and love.

Lighting Strategy Launch Points

  • Establish lighting and nighttime objectives through an envisioning program

  • Convene a working party to include a lighting designer, urban designer and community stakeholders

  • Study existing conditions through a Shades of Night analysis

  • Identify the most important themes, e.g. district identity, street & sidewalk safety, enhancing after-dark public spaces, accessibility, equity, more joy at night, cycle-lane visibility, landmark & historic facades

  • Obtain feedback from community and stakeholders

  • Develop strategy through mapping, sketches, and consultation from experts such as retail, space activators, engineers, especially transportation — depending on the use types of your study district

Special tip: keep the lantern image and symbology alive throughout your process, see video below


Sample Lighting Objectives Report !

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