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Photo: Sasaki

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Photo: Leni Schwendinger Light Projects

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Photo: Leni Schwendinger Light Projects


LOCATION: Jiading, China

CLIENT: Shanghai Jiading New City Development Company, Ltd.

TEAM: Sasaki

Honor Award in Urban Design from the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA)

The initial design brief for Jiading Park called for a radical transformation. In its existing state, the site was comprised of factories, warehouses, and fallow agricultural fields.


The park is made of five Zones such as the fitness zone, community zone, and lake zone.  The Zones are counterpointed by five major paths that interweave and interact with a variety of park elements. The lighting mirrored use and character of the paths, augmenting identity and wayfinding.


The lighting design echoed the creative material palette and dynamic forms.


Sasaki recently won an Honor Award in Urban Design from the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) for their pioneering work on Jiading Park in Shanghai. The 70-hectare (173 acre) park was recognized for its sustainable initiatives impacting both the environment and the surrounding community, and has become the social and recreational hub of Jiading District. Leni Schwendinger Light Projects worked closely with Sasaki on the visitors’ nighttime experience. The lighting design creatively solved several challenges including mirroring distinct pathway designs during late hours and providing a dark conservation area for wildlife. Leni led the debate on safety for visitors vs. nurturing needs of nocturnal fauna, a discussion that continues to evolve to this day. Her commitment to providing safe and inspiring nighttime outdoor spaces greatly contributed to the success of the project as a 24/7 amenity. The Sasaki design team looks forward to working with Leni to explore creative lighting solutions on future projects.” – Michael Grove, Chair of Landscape Architecture, Civil Engineering, and Ecology, Sasaki