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LS_HunterPTSo_Park copy.jpg

Photo: Singleton/SWA

LSDL_Project_HuntersPoint copy.jpg

Photo: David Lloyd


LOCATION: Queens, New York, U.S.

CLIENT: NYC Economic Development Corp

TEAM: Arup, SWA/Thomas Balsley, Weiss/Manfredi Architects

American Society of Landscape Architects, Honor Award

Hunters Point Park South, Phase 2, along Newtown Creek, transforms 5.5 acres of abandoned industrial landscape into a new waterfront park. This park initiated a complex development that includes 5000 units of affordable housing, two schools, and an expanded ferry stop.


The landscape features an illuminated, majestic, cantilevered platform. The 30-foot-high platform reaches out over the East River and provides visitors with panoramic nighttime views of Manhattan’s sparkling skyline.

There are varied programmed spaces for children and adults which include a playground, picnic terraces, wooden seating areas, and a kayak launch. Each space is appropriately illuminated.


Working closely with landscape architects and architects, the illumination design harmonizes with the stunning, natural, riverside habitat bordered by the city and remnants of its industrial past.


Soft lighting is integrated and accentuates park furniture, walkways, and edges.

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