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Zaryadye Park_detail 2.jpg
Zaryadye Park_detail 1.jpg

Photo: Philippe Renault


LOCATION: Moscow, Russia

CLIENT: City of Moscow

TEAM: Diller Scofidio + Renfro, Hargreaves, Citymakers, Mobility in Chain, Buro Happold, Arup

Arch Daily Building of the Year Awards

Leni Schwendinger joined the DS+R team for a highly sought-after, international, design competition for a park adjacent to Red Square with St Basil’s Cathedral and the Kremlin. The team was selected out of 90 submissions from 27 different countries.


Russia’s geographical variety is mirrored in the landscape design: Arctic lands, birch, coastal and coniferous forests, the steppe, and a meadow. 


Buildings and pavilions such as concert halls, museums, restaurants, and an ice cave were envisioned as jewels in the landscape. A 70-meter panoramic observation deck is illuminated to appear as if it were suspended in mid-air.

Illumination concepts parallel the landscape and architectural principles. Lighting intends to create webs of starry light to mark destinations and delineate paths in an innovative, loosely structured way. Lighting displays interpretive measures of heat and cold weather by light quality and color temperature.

Groups of flexible poles and luminaires with varied color temperature interpret Russia’s land typologies. Three different heights of curved poles with several luminaires attached, provide functional lighting levels and create playful patterns through the leaves and foliage of the surrounding trees. The pole heights create a spatial scale and rhythm that mirrors the surrounding plant and topographical elevations.


On a 24/7 schedule, "Zaryadye Park is a good example of public space for cities with extreme climates,” says Peter Kudryavtsev, CEO of Citymakers. “Here you can find close spaces such as pavilions that allow visitors to take refuge and entertainment; semi-closed spaces such as the glass crust or the entrance of the pavilions, where you can be protected from rain or wind; and open spaces such as green esplanades where you can take a walk or play. The park is designed so that a person can enter in the morning and leave at night."


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