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Photos: Hanns Joosten

Photos: Hanns Joosten

The Park


Las Vegas, Nevada


MGM Resorts International


!MELK, Marnell Architecture, Cooper Robertson & Partners, Arup

“The Park”, is the first open green space on the Las Vegas Strip. Schwendinger, with Arup, created illumination concepts for the 55 to 75-foot tall, individually unique, shade structures.

Built in a shipyard in Rotterdam, Leni was allowed two working nights to demonstrate the winning color-changing schemes. The typological light angles were documented in-situ.

Once shipped and installed into The Park, Arup’s lighting design team supervised light fixture placements on specialty mounting plates inside the structures. Lighting technicians were required to wear climbing gear to scale the steep metal side walls while attaching and cabling the LED color changing units.

Light is primarily emitted from inside out. The inner perforated surfaces of the tulip-shaped structures are painted white as a slender canvas for boldly reflected hues of the rigorously planned color palette. Illumination cast onto the dark exterior surfaces is restricted to surprise moments to give the sense of opening up or blooming.

Computer program sequences were conducted over several nights. It was important to calibrate the brightness and dynamics in relation to the surrounding Strip with its highly colored blinking light-signs. The sixteen monumental shade structures transform mesmerically throughout the evening and, on the quarter-hour, depict colors of cactus blossoms.

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