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Together let’s learn to apply our nighttime design systems, as we have done globally, to enhance safety, economic development, and walkability to your neighborhoods. 


The International Nighttime Design Initiative (NTD) is a consortium of interdisciplinary experts convening, researching and piloting innovative methods of design for urban enclaves after-dark.


Combined with urban lighting, our future advocacy hubs will holistically transform the way cities operate after sun down, by increasing civil, cultural and social interactions into the night hours.


Projects by the Initiative have included include Smart Lighting Guidance for New York State, developing innovative pilots with think-tank, New Urban Mobility, and conference presentations about essential night-workers needs for welcoming and safe nighttime design.


Architecture/Engineer/Construction Industry

  • Architects and Planners 

  • Transportation Engineers 

  • Urban Designers

  • Lighting Designers 


  • Department of Transportation and Public Works

  • Department of Planning 

  • Department of Sustainability

  • Department of Public Health  

Urban Researchers/ Academia


“LUCI recently commissioned Leni to compile a report about the state of the field of urban lighting in theU.S. The report submitted by Leni is excellent. It showcases her curiosity and her expertise on the topic. It uncovers interesting differences in nighttime lighting values and governance between European cities and those in America. We are looking forward to continuing our collaborations with Leni on this research."

–Mark Burton

Lighting Urban Communities International (LUCI)